"I don't sell photographs!"  I design photographic images onto blank SD cards like an artist paints onto a virgin canvas using light like colors from an artist palet. You can purchase the SD card or just be pampered, t's up to you.

My camera's lens is like the artist's brush; putting light onto the blank canvas to create the SD card image files that you desire. It doesn't matter what size photographic print you need, from the size of a small favacon, thumnail or  

stamp to a 30" by 40" wall portrait the first image need the same expertise. The image quality is the same regardless of the end result size. That's the foundation needed to enlarging a print to any size. The size of the print, what type of paper or metal, retouching, texturing and type mounting will ulitimately determines the  cost of your finished print you're looking to own. 

The photographic design fee varies; every client has different needs. Depending on the budget of your commission and what you’re requirements are, fees will vary. I need to discuss this with you directly or your agent.

My fee includes the photographic images that I design for you. You're paying me for the images that I've designed onto the SD card that you're going to own. You keep the SD card and control who sees your images. After the photo shoot I will need a replacement card, same size and speed as the original one I used for your photo shoot. Since there is no models release form to sign and you own everything since I was paid for my artistry designing your photographic images that you desired. 

Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions at (276) TV Faces

No checks or credit cards, design fees must be paid for at the conclusion of the photo-session. 

My associate Dan is professional a fine art printer with over thiry years of professional photographic skills does all my printing. He is excellant at his craft and will print color or B&W to any size you desire. Dan does

fine portrait pint retouching, restoration and reproductions too. All his contact information is on the Fine Art & Reproduction page.

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