LM is by default since it was designed before the Internet and doesn't have issues like the risky Internet websites. 

LM brand is a recession proof concept that was designed to bring people together solely on the TV broadcast platform. Lets Meet TV Show’s interactive mantra is the epitome of Interactive social networking and meeting in today’s society culminating the inherit safety features only found on TV’s public domain.
LM members will benefit from the high TV visual exposure. Modeling, talent and entertainment agencies and casting directors will most likely might discover the next Hollywood celebrity right from their own home watching the Lets Meet TV Show.  

LM members will go through real-time in person screening process as a prerequisite to becoming a  member bringing people together in the public domain arena. All members that opt to pay to have themselves screened [especially male members will enjoy more relationships with other members.

LM membership opens up a new a dimension as the world’s premiere Interactive social network TV show entitling all verified registered members to immediately contact one another that they see on their regular television, smart TV, tablet or mobile phone to have a private conversation. Never any chatting or writing of any emails only private phone calls.
LM gives women a safer option of meeting without the Internet fear factor (high risk of being scammed, raped or even murdered). Less than 8% of women that are raped never report it to the authorities. Last year the FBI reported over 280 thousand fraud and miscellaneous sexual abuse cases from Internet cyber-crime offices nationwide. Never any fake profiles like is so prevalent on the websites.   

LM will have a higher ratio of women joining than the Internet because of the safer environment since all LM members are pre-screened and registered using only real verified home addresses and phone numbers before they can contact each-other before they meet. Forty million men and women go to the Internet social & dating websites monthly to find new friends or companionship.

LM is the reverse of Americas Most Wanted TV show, by John Walsh. Honest people don't have to hide their identity like they do on the Internet.             

LM will be simulcast to its letsmeettvshow.com website domain where it can be seen 24 hours a day if their PCs are working. All professional agencies worldwide will then have access to download color portraits from the LM website and are able to contact any member regarding employment. LM members will find it very easy to start a dialog [break the ice] with one another member to find new employment opportunities too.    

LM women members will enjoy meeting new friends in comfortable atmosphere since they know every male member was personally screened if there is a star in front of their names only first name. Men will benefit since their dates will be relaxed hence making a better first meeting.

LM will be seen by many more millions of people since it will be more accessible to everyone rather than just solely seen on the Internet. Tens of millions of people in the US don't have or want the Internet porn temptations and scams.

LM performs a public service on television showcasing people in more than 300 million homes everyday saving people a great deal of time and money searching for new friends and romance. Who doesn’t want to be in love or have friends? People who have computers don’t have to rely on their PC working since everyone has a least one working TV.

LM will have most of the 54% of the singles market share of over 170 million singles in the US. Most adults watch 3.5 hours of TV daily. People will find LM channel surfing with their remote controls and parents will give free word of mouth advertising to all their friends and co-workers that their children can now be seen on TV.

LM married couples will be telling their single children about this new way of meeting new friends rather than going to night clubs and risky Internet website excreta. 

LM Show is an interactive social network designed for TV that does in person real-time screening as a prerequisite to becoming member unlike the Internet that doesn't do any real-time screening. In the US there are over four thousand social networking and dating websites. No Internet website does any in person screening for the protection of its members. Unlike the risky Internet

LM out trumps all the social and dating websites since it has so many inherent built in safety features because it was designed many years ago for TV.

LM membership is free to join, free to view, only a $2.00 fee per phone or free if you opt out of the two dollar phone fee and par-take in a short survey.You can contact any LM member privately after the survey is completed for free.  

LM membership will self-generate like a snowball or domino effect unlike Internet since TV is still the best market place in the world for anyone or any product to get discovered. 

Synopsis: Over 170 million singles are seeking to find new friends on the Internet; you're looking in the wrong place for the right person. Now finding Mr. Right or Ms. Right can be very as easy as turning off your computer and turning on your TV. Lets Meet TV Show (LM) is the only true social interactive TV broadcast platform designed with panache for people you want to have an interaction with. LM is the first to showcase men and women together on TV, a public domain; with genuine identity, thoroughly screened background, and without the high risk of being raped or murdered like on the Internet. TV viewers surf channels with a remote control instead of a PC mouse. Within minutes TV viewers will find that special someone they are attracted to and then meet to search for the inner beauty and integrity of each other maybe finding their sole mate. Nobody wants to be home watching TV alone. LM isn’t entertainment or a game show--it's just exciting searching for that special someone. It’s like being on the Internet without the cost of a PC, expensive repairs, always upgrading, new software and costly monthly Internet connection fees. Just like the late Ed Mc Man’s Star Search & American Idol LM also showcases the ambitious aspiring artists (wannabes) WB. All LM members will enjoy the benefits of the high visual worldwide exposure from our simultaneous Internet broadcast on our website. All the LM & WB members, casting directors and all the modeling & talent and entertainment agencies worldwide will have access to download color portrait headshots. LM is focused on new innovative inroads in marketing.   "On casting calls you get one chance to make an impression"

Treatment: Meeting that someone special just got easier and safer too. Are you tired of the nightclub (bar scene), blind dates and all the less than truthful people that you have met on the Internet dating sites? There is an over whelming desire in all of us to seek out another human being since we all have a very a strong biological necessity to meet people. “Let’s Meet” (LM) is the most innovative way to meet the most amount people in the shortest of time with credibility. TV viewers will come through word of mouth or just by default when they scan their remote between the long commercials. We will target radio and TV advertising to all the conscientious parents and single women. All Parents want their children to be safe regardless of age. The strategy is to seek TV’s immense platform of 170 plus million singles in the US. Everybody has one or more TVs' but not everyone has a PC. Women won’t hesitate to join LM because of all the many safety factors that are built in that are meant intimidate and deter crime. Where you have women there will be men following. TV Show is like Americas Most Wanted TV Show but in reverse. Women will be given a special phone number to call her date log which will take her recording so we have record of the time she leaves her home with the other person. All Women are required to give the full itinerary of the date along with the contact # and name of the man she is meeting and a scheduled time for her to return home. 



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